Intensive Care Units

As in Emergency departments, the use of patient lifters clearly mandates for a height increase of ceiling, as shown on the attached pictures, then you must consider the following.

1. The ceiling should be set a 2900 or 3000mm FFL, the gantry will seat approx. 200mm below that, and the pendant arms another 300mm, the light seats below all that allowing a tall individual to work comfortably under the lot.

2. The area for the gantry should not be fitted with any devices that could clash with the moving equipment or restrict access to vital devices.

3. Examination/procedure lights need to be small and light weight yet able to provide the lux, and colour correction close to 40 K lux.

4. Lights monitor arms etc should all be suspended from one single point, as too many posts will hinder the ability to move the pendants (along with medical gas outlets, power sources and other devices pendant mounted) close to the clinicians.

5. More posts or devices hanging off the ceiling, the greater the risk of costly collisions, frustration by users and limitations to the gantry systems.

The foot pendant is fitted right at the end of the room and allows the staff to use these even with the curtains closed during visiting hours and at night, as we fit night lights over the keyboards.

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