Many steps have been made in gastro-intestinal endoscopy in the last thirty years. Gastro-intestinal endoscopy, once largely diagnostic, has evolved in such a way that therapeutic procedures are often performed at the same time.

This may prevent the need for major surgery. Safe and effective sedation has been a major factor in the development of therapeutic endoscopy. However, not all patients require sedation for endoscopic procedures thus when designing your patient treatment area many factors come to play a role in the design of the room.

Does the Endoscopy equipment remain on the trolley or is it required/preferred to be pendant mounted? With patient sedation, do you require an anaesthetic pendant as well?

Where should these be positioned and is there a need for an operating theatre light? The answer will vary according to your procedures, but we are here to help get the right design with the essential equipment as a preview of some of our many designs and devices.

We suggest browsing our gallery as well as to obtain further and better particulars by simply contacting us for drawings 3D visuals etc.

We invite you to browse our gallery and to obtain advanced specifics simply contact us for drawings and 3D visuals etc.

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