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Medical Designs have established a reliable reputation for providing a wide range of innovative pendant solutions to suit the customers’ needs and delivering on time.

Medical Designs service pendants are created with the end user using 3D modelling and full-size equipment in real size mock-up rooms constructed on site. The use of foam blocks allows the ability to foresee any issues arising with the environment layout, clashes, accessibility, and manoeuvrability.

Many hospitals across Australia and New Zealand have reviewed and redesigned some details of their patient treatment areas, which can dramatically reduce the cost of retrofitting these items at a later stage.

The Medical Designs team already has extensive knowledge of the Australian Health industry from the hundreds of projects already completed over the past decades.

The success of this team is demonstrated by the strength of our references attached.

The features of our proposals are that Medical Designs specialise not in the sale of a generic product, but in the custom design & manufacture of pendant solutions.

Our specialist team meets with your appointed user groups, clearly establishing the consultative process and needs by defining responsibilities for final designs and working models.

A feature of this team is that the manufacturers Managing Director and Design Engineer are directly represented as Australia & New Zealand’s foremost experts on ceiling mounted medical device systems, as a team no one has supplied and installed more successful pendant systems in Australia & New Zealand.

We judge our ultimate success by the trouble free installation and the ability of the end user to meet their clinical needs. This is supported by an incredible number of testimonials that arises from successful environments.

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