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Accessories & Brackets

Do you have a need to attach a monitor or some cable management arms to your pendants, suction Jars or a ventilator, regardless of the make of your equipment we have a large range of accessories that can aid with these.

Device Technologies, Dragger, Trumpf, Maquet, Stryker, Planet Lighting and so many others models available in the industry nothing has beat us as yet, when these are not on the shelf we can design and supply a sample for your perusal.

Simply send us a photo, a sketch or product make and/or model and we take over your problem with a solution.

Columns & Pedestals

There are some areas and occasionally budget constraints that doesn’t allow all equipment to be ceiling mounted Eg: lack of soffits or structural steel means nothing can be suspended from above, therefore our solutions can extend to Wall mounted risers (Ducting) horizontal or vertical or Columns as shown in the gallery.

Examination Lights

LED technology has surpassed all other products not just in technology but also in power consumption the savings are enormous the life time of the products extended by decades and the colour correction and temperature also overcome most of the issues supplied in older technology.

Just like in most Operating Theatres across Australia your working environment can be greatly enhanced with all sorts of Exam/ procedure lights wall mounted, pendant mounted or ceiling mounted simply call us for a huge product range readily available.

Extended arms with hooks

Cables can be a hazard or simply obstructive in a patient treatment area so for any solutions that you may require simply contact us and we will deliver a sample for your perusal / trial if necessary we are happy to develop the concept further until your needs are met. Some samples are illustrated in the photo gallery.

Medical Gas Harnesses

We carry over 30,000 metres of hoses specific for use in Medical Gases and applications, to compliment this we also carry most N.I.S.T connections listed in B.S.5359 and required under A.S.2896, tested certified and processed with a serial number, issue and due date printed for future replacement a process that surpasses the existing Australian standards and provides you a guarantee and the patient with a safer medical delivery system.

Medical service panels (MSP)

Custom design of medical service panels to suit any department, from general wards to surgical applications.

We will work with your functional requirements to set out to relevant standards to gas, electrical, communications, digital imaging and nurse call systems for any sized facility. Stainless steel or powder coated to any color of your choice.

MSP’s can be wall or duct mounted. We will custom design any type of enclosure or mounting system to suit your functional requirements and meet your architectural requirements.

For Pediatrics rooms we have an incredible range of children motives fascia’s just ask our team for some of our concepts.

Oxygen Generators

Many Locations especially within the Pacific Region where Medical Gases are not readily available makes oxygen generation essential. Medical Design Innovations is able to supply, install and commission these systems. Fully assembled in Australia inside of shipping containers making these very mobile and self sufficient one is fitted with diesel generators, power production for the Oxygen generator and the entire medical facility the other as seen below comprises of a Compressor, receiver, filters and dryers and a booster for cylinder filling facility as an option.

Pre-tested in Australia this process provides an assurance upon arrival, sized for demographics these units ca be a very useful back up for major disaster scenarios.

Structural Mounts

Most ceiling equipment is installed to a concrete soffit by a means of intermediate steel structure or in areas where the absence of a concrete soffit mandates other designs we can assist with many concepts used by us and others in the past, we have manufactured thousands of steel structures to most building companies represented across the nation.
Auto cad designs and certifications are readily available on our data base.


Lack of maintenance will cause disruptions of Medical gas services or/and electrical faults can occur within patient treatment areas leading into serious events normally attributed to.

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Improper handling
  • Overloads
  • Faults occur

Medical Design Innovations has a team of technicians that are proficient on most service units available on the market and we can offer a complete Maintenance package to your Hospital, Pendants and lights in ICU’s, CCU’s Emergency departments and Operating Theatres, these services are vital for patient life support, our services can extend into piped Medical gases alarms, monitoring Concrete Cooling

Pneumatic Operated Nitrogen Injection Concrete Cooling

Pneumatic Operated Nitrogen Injection Concrete Cooling allows concrete to be delivered at a set temperature, this incredible devices are designed and supplied by BOC Gases manufactured by us and assembled on site where the concrete cure is critical. The Hinze dam is a typical scenario where quality standards surpass many other sites worldwide. (Contact Stewart Marshall, BOC GASES for further and better particulars. +61 7 32124200).

Fully Mobile Medical Facilities

Operating theatre, Recovery and X-Ray areas. Self-sufficient, containing their own vacuum plant, Cylinders for Medical gases and power generating facilities for back up purposes or disaster scenarios. Expanding and contracting walls allows this unit to be large enough for operation and narrowed whilst being transported by a prime mover. Trailers or buses configuration are manufactured by Mills Tui and designed and fully fitted by us to suit your requirements.

Please contact us for more information.

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